Victoria Grace

Designers 2016
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White on Black

Brand Profile: Victoria Grace is an elegant fashion brand.  The brand aims to dress women who love elegance, timeless style and luxury.
Victoria Grace blends either the East or the West with Africa. All Victoria Grace pieces speak elegance. The label closes the taste gap between cultures by creating a unique style; it is the ultimate taste of European-African joie de vivre.

Victoria Grace is an inimitable state of the art fashion label. Most pieces are limited and bespoke with an aesthetic towards couture-creation.

Profile of Founder:  Ijeoma J. Roenne is a corporate and entrepreneur with a unique flair for Fashion and the industry.  She has a degree in Marketing and Masters in Finance.  She is a British-born Nigerian married to a German.  She has worked with Condé –Nast UK – Vogue magazine and Calvin Klein. She joined Vogue after working as a freelance Fashion PR consultant.  Her passion has taken her to the world’s best fashion & life style corridors where she draws and harnesses her unique style and taste.  Currently she extends her passion for Fashion towards supporting Nigeria as a hub for both textile and garment manufacturing.  Victoria Grace though at its infant stage, graced the African Fashion Week London in 2015 and gained the interest of leading international buyers.  Proceeds from Victoria Grace goes to supporting sufferers of Sickle Cell Anameia and issues that affect the safety and livelihood of Women in Nigeria.  Ijeoma would like to use the brand to Advocate for such causes.