Lanre Lagos Couture

Designers 2016
About This Project

Lanre Lagos Couture (Fashion House) was established in the year 2009 originally as OLANREWAJU. It was originally meant to be a shirt-making company but as time went on, with heavy demand, we delved into making on pants, suits and Native wear.  By mid 2013, we had a huge urge to rebrand, and in the process of rebranding, the name Lanre Lagos was formed.

With the birth of Lanre Lagos, we embarked on a journey of style and class. We redefined our mission and restated our visions. At Lanre Lagos, we believe fashion plays a huge defining role in enhancing a person’s confidence and sense of self. This is why the Lanre Lagos Brand creates unique designs that leave unforgettable impression. We are a brand that adapts to every lifestyle and effortlessly fuses a variety of styles and designs to offer our clients a globally accepted and chic.

Our Aspiration is to be the biggest and best fashion brand from Africa, to globally compete with some of the biggest names in some of the fashion world. Style and quality, working on a basis of creativity, discipline and responsibility are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. These values have been our watchword and guide through every level, from the laid back tailoring to the made to last quality. Capturing latest fashion trends and colours, quality fabrics and expressing them in a relaxed and comfortable style. For every garment, Lanre Lagos pays maximum attention from the fabric selection to fitting and perfect quality.

Over the years, Lanre Lagos has grown from strength to strength – embracing change, redefining fashion, setting trends and making a difference. Our most valuable asset has been our very loyal, dedicated and growing team. We cater for unique individuals of style with our designs.