H.O.T  by Yemi Alade X DNA by Iconic Invanity  

Designers 2016
About This Project



H.O.T Is an international fashion house that best represents the face of style and quality since 2012. Founded in Nigeria by Yemi Alade an award winning international Singer, performer, song writer and winner of AFWN FASHIONISTA OF 2015.

H.O.T is a fashion house that hosts jewelry and couture for anyone looking for simple yet, fierce quality fashion, all in one place.

H.O.T Birthed the Yemi Alade Collection(Y.A.C) in collaboration with Bland2Glam.

Effortless style , authenticity and easy-going- living are the heart of the brands philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level , from the laid back tailoring to the made to last quality,use of natural materials and responsible production. H.O.T aspiration is to be the best casual- chic fashion brand with an outstanding price-value proposition : capturing market trends and newness in colour, quality fabrics and shapes and expressing them in the Effortless, relaxed and comfortable H.O.T Style.

From years of working with hundreds of designers and stylists in over 50 Videos, TV commercials, Magazine Covers and professional photoshoots in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, America, London and France to mention a few, H.O.T embodies our roots and has been five years in the making.

H.O.T Celebrates real people and togetherness ,encouraging the fashion world to wear it H.O.T according to the brand promise