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About This Project

Ady by Linda is an African fashion clothing  brand with a design aesthetic that revolves around the femininity of a woman’s silhouette.  The Ady by Linda brand focuses on a well-tailored functional clothes for that special occasion giving particular attention to detail to acknowledge the beautiful nature of every woman.

Founded in 2012, Ady by Linda brand is known for its ultra feminine and haute detailing, taking fashion to the next level with its timeless and elegant designs that leaves you classy and yet comfortable. With a vision to becoming that household name in the world of fashion, Ady by Linda brand promises to bring to its growing clientele an uncut version of style.

Ady by Linda brand won the PHACCIMA Upcoming Designer Award in 2012, showcased at the Native and Vogue International Fashion Show in 2013, among the Top 20 Semi Finalist for the GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013, and was nominated for the ELOY Fashion designer of the Year Award in 2014.

Linda Igwe-Ogbonnaya is the creative director of Ady. A computer Science graduate of the University of Nigeria; Linda’s passion for fashion emanated from watching her mum sew in her young age.

“I’m inspired by just about anything, from things that lay around anywhere, TV runways, movies, fashion programs and the sewing communities on the internet” she said;

“My potential design client is a woman with class who isn’t scared to embrace whatever fashion brings” explained Linda.

Linda’s inspiration is also influenced by her late mum who was also a fashion designer and her husband who contributes hugely to her creative ideas and support.