Designers 2018

Erenti (UK)

Erenti was established out of the aspiration to discover a distinctive approach to showcase African class and elegance through modern, urban apparel and accessories. The brand aims to establish its position in the Men’s African Fashion industry both Lagos and London, earn market share and be more memorable.
AFWN Collection – “This is my first menswear collection and its approach is to showcase African class and elegance through modern, urban apparel and accessories with a strong appreciation of African authenticity and rawness, Erenti Esteem collection pursues to merge culture and contemporary designs to make its brand truly noticeable on a global platform”. Social Media - @erenti

Michelle Arowoshola (UK)

Local by Michelle Arowoshola is an innovative high-end/high street brand for both men and women. The brand incorporates elements of sportswear with tailoring and focuses on ready-to-wear pieces. The label is unique because the print on the fabric is original and designed in-house. The styles also reflect black culture within the UK and Nigeria and aims to encourage people from all ethnic backgrounds to embrace their culture and to see culture as something to be valued and celebrated in addition to being fashionable. Its founder, Michelle Arowoshola's love for fashion spanned from her interest in art and textiles.
AFWN Collection – “The collection is based on transport which is symbolic to transition of one moving from one place to another. The collection consists of both men’s and woman’s wear it is a heavily based print collection, however the cut and silhouette styles of our garments are complementary to the prints which create a medium between boldness, simplicity and detail the collection consists of some tailoring, mild elements of sportswear and a high attention to detail”. Social Media - @michelle_local

Bushai Weave (Ghana)

Bushai Weave is a fashion label in Ghana that creates well-tailored addressing the style needs of the Afro gentlemen. Bushai weave has already made his mark as one of Ghana’s leading men’s wear fashion labels. The label founded by Shaibu Abdullah intends to give the public authentic clothing, homemade fabrics and quality finishing touches.
AFWN Collection – “I intend to showcase a rather dynamic and colourful blend of weave style suits and caftan designs embedded with accessories”. Social Media - @bushaiweave

Claire Albert (Zimbabwe)

Claire Albert is a high-end women’s couture clothing brand that was established by Zimbabwean designer Tanaka, who has always had a passion for fashion and bringing up the industry in her country. The label custom designs and tailor makes women’s garments for all occasions and ensures that every woman looks elegant, sophisticated and sexy, these being the main values of Claire Albert. Instagram @claire.albert, Twitter @clairealbert_

Lilifeys Fashion (Nigeria) (Zaris Designer)

Lilifeys’ Fashion a bespoke and ready-to-wear womenswear brand founded in Lagos, Nigeria. The brand achieves her aesthetics by a seamless fusion of African cultural heritage and Western culture to appeal to a global market. Founded by Lilian Ifeyinwa Ndukwu, the brand name is a combination of her names. The Brand’s pieces reflect elegance, style, royalty, and comfort for the stylish, trendy and confident woman.
AFWN Collection – “The collection I intend to showcase at African Fashion Week Nigeria is inspired by ROYALTY, reflecting the Brand’s tagline; Lilifeys’ – Enhancing lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to make the Lilifeys’ woman feel like a queen in their outfits irrespective of their body shapes. Every piece in the collection evokes luxury, opulence, style, classic and comfort”. Social Media – @lilifeys_fashion1

Del Africa Fashion (Nigeria)

Del Africa Fashion House has become a household in the fashion industry. The fashion label has showcased on various runways like Africa Utopia Fashion Show London, Accra Fashion Week Ghana, Nigeria Television Fashion Show Nigeria, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. They provide exceptional aesthetic designed clothing for local/international market. They combine unique blend of African fabrics and designs to produce clothing and accessories of international standard for both local and export purposes.
The Creative director Fidelis Usigbe is a member of FADAN (Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria) has a 9-year track record and leadership training skills with various NGO’s, Entrepreneurship training with Jos Business School, Internship with the National Assembly. We train and equip youths with the necessary skills that will enable them start-up a sustainable fashion business. Social Media -@Delafricafashion

Africouture Clothing (Zambia)

Africouture Clothing is a creative fashion house for modern day women and men who enjoy couture and contemporary pieces. Her designs are African inspired with a western aesthetic.
She (Martha Kabaso) started designing at an early age but started her career professionally in fashion design in 2012 after completing a course in fashion construction & design at the Lusaka Business and Technical College (lBTC). She has showcased her designs at numerous fashion shows and a high point in her career was showcasing her collection for United Nations (UN) First Ladies dinner gala in Livingston during the United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO) conference which was held in Zambia. Social Media - @Africouture_clothing

TM Clothing (Namibia)

TM Clothing Line is about image and its connection to personality; it is about standing out amongst the crowd. They are about style, sportswear, and casual-wear fashion that leaves you feeling cool all the time. TM Clothing was founded by Mike Nghipunya and Hendrick Muatara. Social Media - @Hendricks2350, @TMClothingline

Revel (India)

Revel is an online lingerie store born out of love to provide Nigerian and African women the perfect lingerie experience. No matter what personality or body shape, Revel is in its mission to offer you premium fit. Revel is an ode to every woman, who is versatile and in control.
For a woman who is diverse and wears many hats every day, a touch of perfection is what Revel provides. Social Media -

Aduwa Designs (Nigeria)

Aduwa Designs is a tailoring and fashion company that specializes in ready to wear and couture for men and women. They also provide fashion training and consulting services. Social Media @aduwadesigns

M’briel Fashion (Nigeria) (Zaris Designer)

M’briel is a brand that is marketable, defining all odds, a brand that caters for the everyday woman who wants to look fashionable, whether she is wearing street style, casual, business casual, bridal or red carpets looks. Social Media - @mbriel_fashion

Ancie’s Apparel (Nigeria) (Zaris Designer)

Ancie’s Apparel is an upcoming fashion brand which aims to produce unique, stylish and affordable ready to wear outfits for women, specifically corporate women. Ancie’s outfit would consist of a rich blend of African and western prints as a way of promoting true African designs. Social Media - @anciesapparel

KemiBenjamin Creations (Nigeria) (Zaris Designer)

KemiBenjamin Creations is a fashion brand with creative and talented team with specialisation in female formal and business wears. Established by Olukemi Oderinde, “we intrigue our clients with our fashion pieces while also identifying with the uniqueness of our clients. Our designs are unique and in line with our goal we give that great elegance that speaks for you”. Social Media -@kemibenjamin_creations

F&F Afro Fashion House (Cameroun)

F&F Afro Fashion House is a young and upcoming brand, founded in 2013. F&F means (Fri my mums name and my name Favor) even though we got operational in 2016. It is made up of 2 arms, Afro Accessories and Afro and contemporary outfits.
Our objective as an African Brand is to highlight the African culture in a contemporary society as ours through our inspired and unique pieces.

Jazz Effects Designs (Nigeria)

Established in 2008, Jazz Effect Fashion has grown to become a household name in the fashion industry when it comes to full fashion services. Based in Port Harcourt, Jazz Effect has created elegant pieces and built a brand loyalty like no other. Social Media - @jazzeffectdesign

Habeebat (Nigeria) (Modest Wear Designer)

Habeebat is an online Muslim fashion store that provides trendy, fashionable and modest Clothing. Their major goal is to close the gap in the Nigerian E-commerce space for products that are attractive, classy and still very modest for the Muslim community. Social Media - @habeebatfashionstore

Maison de Rouge (Zimbabwe)

Maison de Rouge as a brand thrives on elegance especially “elegance” in the unexpected way. To communicate confidence and sophistication through fashion. To allow the expression of self effortlessly. Established by Zimbabwean designer, Tadiwa Chimbodza, Maison de Rouge is certainly building its way up to being one of the top fashion houses in Zimbabwe. Social Media - @maison_de_rouge

Vedil Clothing (Nigeria)

VEDIL CLOTHING is a multifaceted Fashion brand. Our services include: Tailoring, Training, Accessories and Ready-to-Wears. The inspiration behind the brand was solely based on finding ways of helping everyday tailors and artisans attain sustainable livelihood and better work process. We are constantly improving to be an organisation with best practise in both structure and Process. Founded by Vivian Duru in 2012. As a creative - Vivian loves to design wears that accentuate the beauty of womanhood; from the little girl -HER INNOCENCE, the lady - HER BEAUTY and to the grown woman -HER STRENGTH. The female species evoke serenity even in lower creatures -``I find that quite inspiring``. Social Media - @vedilclothing

L’uF (Benin Republic)

L’UF is a Benin Republic brand of clothes and accessories purely handmade. the feature of L’UF articles is that they are knitted but also associated with African prints in order to preserve the African touch of the brand. L’UF is the acronym of ``L’Univers de Francine`` which means in French the Universe of Francine, In tribute to Francine the late aunt of the designer who was a great knitter. The mission L’UF is to revolutionize knitting but also to take up the challenge of mixing three styles: class; sexy and spunky in one outfit

Onyx by Valentina

Female luxury brand, Onyx by Valentina showcased a unique and exquisite collection of hand-beaded outfits at Africa Fashion Week London 2018 last weekend.
Her designs are crafted through the use of handmade bead work to tell the story in every piece. Her brand name Onyx by Valentina broken down for us, Onyx is a black precious stone, symbolising the black woman adorned in her bejewelled piece all created by Valentina. Her parents contributed hugely to her love for fashion as her father was a chronic art collector and her mother very fashionable.
The brand was ``born some years ago out of the love for pure art, the love of creating something out of the ordinary solely inspired by God. It has been an interesting journey so far and I am grateful to God for the impact the business has had and is having till date`` says Onyx by Valentina CEO, Valentina Utoh

Maison De Rouge (Zimbabwe)

Maison De Rouge is a fashion and lifestyle brand, founded by the head designer - Tadiwa Chimbodza. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Specialises in elegant women’s wear and accessories. MDR has showcased at a number of international shows and continues to embark on establishing a global presence