Aspiring Designers Catwalk Show

 SEEDS OF ABRAHAM FOUNDATION(SOAF). A non- governmental organization founded in the year 2014. An organization that was established by God and birthed out of the  love I had for the special people, seeing and knowing how parents and guidians of people with special needs neglect, maltreat and give-up on them considering them useless.
Hence, this foundation was founded to put an end to people’s belif that persons with special needs are destitute.
Therefore, in achieving this dream a team was prayerfully put together.
Being a missionary assignment we visit their homes, pray with them and take them in tutorial class and being an expert with investigation, we observed that some of them were not coping and still goes out to beg for arms.
This is how SCHOOL OF THE HAND(SOTH) came into existence.
SCHOOL OF THE HAND(SOTH) is a vocational training centre of this foundation.
Klamzie styles is a Nigerian based fashion house. It was officially registered in November 2012. Klamzie styles fashion started unofficially in 2010 by designing wears for children.  In 2012, klamzie styles opened a store in Owerri, Imo state and expanded its designs to Children, males and female. Klamzie style was founded  by Kelly Mbakwem. Our designs vary from high end to mass fashion. The aim is to make our wears affordable to everyone. We produce new collections quarterly
MOSHUGAH a womenswear brand based in the FCT, Nigeria,serves as a means of personal expression for women. The brand has redefined ‘SHUGAH’ to mean Ambition,adventure,fun and Elegance. MOSHUGAH is empowering women and creating a mindset of ‘Relevance’.
Established in 2015,MOSHUGAH has created a following that is comprised of confident, elegant and fun women. MOSHUGAH’s ultimate goal is to be a part of every woman’s journey through feminity.
Brand Name : Simply Sleek Nigeria
Brand Bio : Simply Sleek  Outfit specializes in cutting edge African design, with a mix of both Ankara and English fabrics. Our designs are intricately textured and designed to stand our clients out in style. Our trendsetting designs flatters you from every angle. With our cut-to-fit style, each new design is made with our client in mind. And whether you are famous or not, our sleek style automatically brings out the celebrity in you.
Instagram Handle : SleekClothingofficial
Phone Number : +2347053998203
Gender Of Customer Base : Unisex
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Mr Dede is one of Nigeria’s young and brave industrious entrepreneurs doing exploits in the global consumer market. He is an employer of labour whose establishment- Reverse Designs LTD sources for all fashion production materials locally, thus contributing its own little quota to the Nigerian economy.
 Reverse designs is an African
fashion company with a workshop that specializes in the use of African fabrics to make fashion products such as bags, shoes, clothes, belts, accessories and other creative products for souvenirs or gift items.
Sequel to the new revolution in the African fashion industry, Dede Ileleji founded Reverse designs in 2012 after 15 years of operations under the name ‘Dede Designs’. His workshop products, under the brand name ‘REVERSE’ have been in local and international market for 5 years and has been one of the major ankara bag producers for Daviva fashion.
Furthermore, Dede Ileleji runs a yearly project with Nigerian Textiles, Lydia Heart Initiative, Run For A Cure Africa and Macforte to mention but a few.
Moreover, with his wealth of experience, competence and expanded vision to be a first class manufacturer and the leading destination for African fabric products that will compete with international fashion products,
Dede Ileleji and his new partners,  co-founded a large and competent workshop called Momentum Factory Designs. Besides serving as the production factory for Reverse Design and other local or international designers, Momentum factory serves as a training centre to empower the youths, women and fashion students in Africa, thereby creating jobs for the teeming populace.
The main economic significance of this corporation is to maximise profit in business and contribute to narrowing down the African fashion product demand-supply gap deficit both locally and international.
Major fabrics used in production are Ankara, lace, guinea, leather and other African materials.

Most likely the youngest designer in the history of Africa Fashion week, Nkem Semenitari ,  a 13 year-old, Year 9 Student of IWS Skills Centre got involved in the design aspect of fashion, which  led to her creation of “THE FIBONETTI COLLECTION” inspired by Italian Mathematician

“A fashion brand that’s based on creating and designing wedding apparels and every clothing a bride can think of”

Tobilola Ajibola’s love for fashion stemmed at an early age where she played dress up in her mom’s wardrobe and at age 13, on an extremely boring day during her long holidays, she created her very first collection which included Capri pants,a mini skirt, a tank top(all clothing trends popular in the 90s)and a halter neck blouse all hand stitched by her. She rocked every piece till she outgrew them.

Today, she is the Creative Director and Founder of ‘Dresses By Aloli’, Nigeria’s first online custom clothing fashion line for young and fashion forward women who desire edgy and functional clothing that is accessible and affordable.

She honed her pattern making skills at Valisimo Fashion House and Ginani Fashion respectively and worked as an Dressmaker Intern at Teda Designs for 7months and in OSC as a Production Intern for a month before fully focusing on establishing her label.

She would be showcasing her highly anticipated Spring – Summer Collection titled ” Spring Blossom” here at AFWN 2017.

With the infusion of delightful and lush spring colors like cherry blossoms and beige, and incorporating soft and rich fabrics like silk and lace, The ‘Spring Blossom’ collection symbolizes the brand’s new beginnings. She strives to showcase the birthing of the’Aloli’ woman as a sophisticated and elegant woman who is growing into her own. She is unhurried but fun, oozes great self confidence in her skin and skills and is poised to build her dreams.

Tobilola is an award winning fashion entrepreneur and the first female innovator to win the prestigious Etisalat Prize For Innovation Idea category in November 2016.


Beautiful creations for women and girls: beautiful queens and princesses.


Afrikawala fashion was founded in 2015, by Karen Nakamba who is also
‘head designer, with hope of bridging western and African fashion.
This includes traditional apparel drawing from both the Zambian and
east African inspired local arts, crafts and wild fruits.

Within a year of practising fashion and design, Karen has showcased
twice at the Zambia fashion week, Swahili fashion week, as exhibitor,
Africa finest culture in London and has gone on to organise shows and
most recently a pop-up shop within her own local community.

Karen is also a publisher, having produced her own fashion magazine
themed ‘AFRIKAWALA’ with hope of helping models, designers,
photographers and traditional artists to be noticed through digital