AFWN’s goal and mission aligns with ADM’s passion which is to make African Fashion and Creativity accessible across the world. Through our Online Mall Customers can shop directly the amazing pieces they would love to own from the African Fashion Week and get it delivered to them irrespective of their location.

This amazing Partnership with AFWN and AFWL will take The African Fashion to a whole new level which includes giving upcoming and talented designers a platform to showcase their creativity and still make money while at it.

We Believe so much in this Saying “If you want to go fast, Go Alone; but if you want to go far, go with Someone”

As a Team, AFWN/AFWL and ADM will go far in achieving an ultimate goal.

AFRICAN DESIGNERS MALL (ADM) is the No. 1 online mall for African Designs and Fabric. We provide Designers a platform through which they can sell their products irrespective of their location to customers globally. ADM is a Customer- Centric Platform which enables people to shop their Favourite African Designs and Fabric and buy it instantly online through our secure payment system. we have partnered with the best Courier Services to ship these goods to Customers globally.
ADM is one of its kind platform. Now, African designers will have an increased customer base, increased revenue, an online presence, save cost and sell their products 24 hours a day unlike their limited Brick-and-mortar stores.

To make African Fashion and Fabric accessible all over the world

Meeting the retail Business challenge of the African Fashion Industry by being the leading Online Vendor for African Designers and Fabric.

To become the premier African Designers fashion mall on the world-wide market
To increase its market presence to international clients by the end of three years

Business Product / Service
Retail Business
Virtual Stores for all African Designers and Fabric Retailers.
Selling discounted fast moving African Brands
African Luxury Brands and Ready to Wear.
African Leather goods and Accessories
Efficient delivery system
Door to Door System
Coverage in All African Countries

ADM’s desire to give our customers a continuous online shopping experience will keep driving us to find more innovative ways to satisfy our customers through our services.


Africa Fashion Week Nigeria a social enterprise that provides a platform to help promote Nigerian and brands through worldwide visibility and distribution and manufacturing. We focus on empowerment, creating jobs and supporting education and skills training in fashion.

The first edition launched in May 2014, was created by Ronke Ademiluyi, also the founder of Africa Fashion Week London.and her Team. The core mission of Africa Fashion Week Nigeria is empowerment through fashion, to create jobs through fashion, to support education in fashion and develop skills training and capacity development in the fashion industry.

To see fashion in Nigeria grow and be recognized as a multi-million pound industry as it is in the UK, We hope that it contributes to GDP like in the UK where fashion is a million pond industry.

Our core aim is providing visibility platforms for new talent, who would otherwise not have the means to gather attention and awareness on their own.

Our platforms allow the global audience to see what Nigerian and African Fashion is all about, and then they can contribute to its growth as we believe that for creativity to grow there needs to be a platform that supports and contributes to its growth.

We have plans to open a fashion hub in Nigeria, to host student workshops, provide internships, scholarships and short coursework to develop talent and also help designers produce their fashion collection and build their own design business.

Date   1st-3rd July 2016.

Venue -The Eko Hotel & Suites.

AFWN 2016 Will Include 5 Catwalk Shows | 50 Designers | A Fashion Gala & Awards Night  & Panel Discussions Aimed At Promoting Nigeria As A Production Hub.


Yetty Ogunnubi
Pr & Communications Director
AFWL | AFWN | NNTD (2016)
AFWL Africa Concept