Ade Bakare Couture London

Ade Bakare Couture London


Ade Bakare was born in England Bromsgrove he graduated with a history degree from the University of Lagos Nigeria 1988. Then returned to England to study fashion design at Salford University college Manchester, graduated in 1990.

He worked briefly for the couture establishments to the English Aristocracy. Victor Edelstein and Christiania stambolian before setting up his label in 1991 through a loan from the Prince of Wales youth business trust (P.Y.B.T.).

He designed a collection  of Day and evening wear dresses twice seasonally that sold to boutiques in England and the channel Islands such as Lucienne Phillips of Knightsbridge, Adele davis of old bond street, the foundation  of guild fond and Ambers of Amersham.

He later set up a couture salon on Grosvenor Street in Mayfair in 1997 which was a great success and placed him on the International list of couture designers patronised in England. The Salon was managed with the Assistance of the Late Percy Savage who was a fashion innovator and fashion editor for the Mayfair times. He Introduced Ade Bakare to many famous elegant ladies who have become loyal clients.
Designing Ready to wear collections and couture pieces for individual clients increased Ade Bakare’s experience and profile. He was approached by perfume company creative perfumers in 1998 to have a couture fragrance created for him.
This became the house scent called “Breeze” done by the well known “Nose” in the Industry geza schoen famous for creating futuristic perfumes such as eccentric 01.Also in 1998 Ade Bakare launched his couture bridal wear line which is modern and celebrated for their timelessness.
Some of his well known clients are Mrs Serena Belfour English/American Aristocrat, Lady Caroline Pearson, Mrs. Janet Boateng, Mrs. Pauline Prescott, Jennie bond bbc Royal reporter and Valerie Campbell (Mother of super model Naomi Campbell) amongst many others.
Ade Bakare’s designs are very feminine and structured almost minimalist in appeal, with great attention to cut and detail. Modernity with a trust of classicism.
Some of his celebrated designs are his long sweeping gazar coats soft but structured his wrap sash jackets. He uses mostly natural Fibres especially gazar, chiffons and organza’s. Long evening wear dresses with intricate details, capes, boleros and fitted suits.
He has received a lot of press coverage and favourable comments from the fashion press such as James fallon of WWD, Hillary Alexander of the Daily telegraph. Brony toogood of bride’s magazine and sally Dixon of cosmopolitan brides.
Ade bakare has also collaborated with other designers in his fashion shows such as Jeweller mikimoto, Elizabeth Arden (Davies street  branch, Mayfair). And, most especially with milliners such as Stephen Jones, Fredrick Fox and Phillip Somerville.
Ade Bakare has been invited to exhibit his work in New York (wedding channels) Jamaica, South Africa (cape town and jo’burg fashion weeks), Lagos, and Monaco were he dressed the Princess Catherine de stiligiano for the bal de ete in 2000.
He lectures on fashion at his old design school in Manchester and is constantly invited to talk at fashion seminars and workshops around the World.
His work has been admired by the French houses of Pierre Cardin, Louis Azzaro and Jean Louis Scherrer.
He set up the young creative designers competition (Y.D.C.C.) in 2006 in Lagos to encourage and promote young talents in Nigeria. It is now an annual event.
Ade Bakare has designed costumes for theatre and films. Such as designing the clothes for the character the duchers of Windsor played by the celebrated English Actress fenella fielding and costume designer for a film by director Steve Gukas “a place in the stars”.
He has won numerous awards since his days at design school in Salford were he won 2nd place in the National student bridal competition in 1989, others such as the Harrogate bridal award “Hearts desire” was given to him in 1998.Ade Bakare Lives and works in London, England.
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The word, ‘cruise’ evokes travel, luxury, style, boats, yachts and summer.

Ade Bakare has designed a capsule Cruise Line Collection for summer 2016, influenced by his constant travels between London and Lagos where he maintains his design studios and boutique respectively.

The Cruise Line has been greatly inspired by his clients on both sides of the Atlantic who desire something colourful, modern and ethnic to wear while abroad. To satisfy these demands, Ade Bakare came up with an exquisite range of vibrant jackets and dresses in neoprene textiles and adire in modern geometric and circular designs embellished with his unique signature style of wood and glass intersected with beads that sparkle.
High-necked coats with eyelets that are roped  with silk adire and large balloon sleeves, capes and empire-cut jackets are teamed with straight silk adire dresses, some  cut off the shoulder, whilst sleeveless shift dresses and halter neck styles  are all shown in bright effervescent colours such as neon pinks, yellows, deep purple and cobalt  blues.

Picture a slight commotion at the airport as a lady emerges from the crowd in a vibrant orange neoprene coat and an adire orange and yellow dress with heaps of her luggage being moved by several porters and imagine that behind her bejeweled reflective glasses lies that anonymity of reserved elegance . . . she just might be wearing the 2016 Cruise Line by Ade Bakare!