Veba Textile Mills

About This Project

Profile: Best quality fabrics combined with modern designs – that is Veba Fashion, leading Czech and European manufacturer of African brocades, voiles and prints.

Especially for the Nigerian market we have developed clothing collections of African prints on brocade. They draw you into yet undiscovered world of colours and inspiration. Whenever you look at them, they are different. From a distance they impress with their unusual design and inimitable colours, at close quarters the prints start to reveal their second dimension. That is because the fabrics over which the designs are printed, already carry other designs that are in woven.

Our latest collection is from MICRO range – tiny rounded designs hidden in giant bold shapes – and has been inspired by the Universe. It transmits cosmic power and constant motion energy. You can look forward to radiant colours in provocative combinations, dashing designs with a touch of exoticism and extravagance intertwined with magic beauty veiled in mystery…