Valery Royal

About This Project


VALERY ROYAL is founded and headed by MR. VALERY MBANWI (CEO/Creative Director), a Cameroonian designer now based in Nigeria

Our Vision: VALERY ROYAL is passionate to show case the best creative, innovative,unique and descent men and women African wears from corporate, traditional to casuals. Our designs are unique, elegant and suitable for all no matter the size, height, skin color or shape.
We are committed to dressing our clients like royalty thereby attracting honor, dignity and respect where ever they step in.

Our Mission:We are committed to bringing a revolution and a new wave in African fashion proving that fashion is not about exposing your body to look beautiful or attractive because ‘the way you dress determines the way you will be addressed.’ Therefore showing to the world the beauty of African Beauty and Culture
We believe what you wear defines your personality therefore at VALERY ROYAL, fashion is life.

Iconic Catwalk Show Designers 2017