About This Project


Asilekwu Onyeka Sylvester is the Chief Executive Officer of SilverFashions, a contemporary fashion outfit located in Warri, the commercial capital of Delta state, Nigeria; where every creative imagination is made real on the fashion platform.

With experience spanning over 20 years in the fashion industry, Sylvester’s work explores & establishes new connections between garments and bodies. In each of his collections, unexpected juxtapositions invest dynamic dualities; they tell intimate stories of hidden treasures and the material world colliding. The intelligent use of materials in his designs provides almost limitless possibilities for individual styling.
In appendance to the prestigious Yearly DELTA Fashion Exhibition Show and other Fashion Exhibition Shows across state, ”, his collections have featured on numerous Local & International Fashion Shows.
He is often driven by love of innovation but his designs balance between classic and modern. The powerful yet tranquil passion expressed in his designs translates into thought provoking presentations.
Also, being a multiple income chaser , his business acumen has played unequalled role in his being a forerunner in Fashion Merchandizing both in Newly established “Delta Fashion Designer and Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) Delta State Chapter. He is currently the 1st ice President of FADAN, Delta State Chapter.