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Designers 2016
About This Project

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  • Designer name: Ogor Ukpaka

Ekaz Signatures collection is titled kilibe, kilibe’s  inspiration is from Nature, our African  environment, colours, shapes , things and fashion trends in the world . Kilibe simply means start looking or watching; it’s about that masterpiece attire or outfit where you steal the show or become the centre of attraction. This is my first exhibition you know, it is a sort of a tip of the iceberg, I have so much to bring to the industry

Ekaz  Signature Creations:                    

Who We Are:

Ekaz Signature Creations is owned and run by our Creative Director, Shirley Ogo Ukpaka,  a proven and qualified fashion designer with over a decade of hands-on experience in arts and craft as well as advanced fashion designing. Ogo, as she is popularly called, is a graduate of Theatre Arts, from the prestigious University of Nigeria and a SMEDAN (the small and medium enterprises development agency of Nigeria in 2005) trained enterpreneur. She has also attended indigenous fashion schools and training programmes in Nigeria.

Designers and tailors at Ekaz Signatures are drawn from a variety of backgrounds to suit clients needs and market demands and operate on a retained associate level.

Our client experience covers charity, professional and individual services. Our standards are high and maintaining high skills is an absolute passion which includes ongoing learnings and formal qualifications. We have the rare skill of understanding both the detail and the bigger picture. Enrol to become a world-class fashion designer in Ekaz fashion school  or check out our bespoke elegant designs and ready-to-wear collection of dresses.